We are a professional Business Development, Sales & Marketing Consultancy. At New Oxygen we support micro, and small to medium sized enterprises to fulfil their growth and expansion plans, therefore allowing the business owner to focus on what they do best.   
We have identified through research the need for some companies to outsource their business development, growth & marketing support.  This has become increasingly more necessary as business owners identify that playing to their strengths is the most effective use of a company their time, and this then allows them to focus predominantly on their specialist product or service, and trust New Oxygen to do what we do best and guide your organisation to reach its maximum potential.
As the strapline suggests we breathe new life into your business by offering a fresh consultative approach to achieving your business development goals.  We work closely with you in setting your business goals, then we build, plan and implement an agreed sales & marketing strategy that ensures you achieve the growth results that you need. 
We use our commercial acumen, business skills, experience, knowledge & capabilities gained from over 25+ years in the field.  Our aim is to lead as well as manage, be responsible and accountable.  Through creative new initiatives and plans, we ensure that your business objectives are met and success is achieved and measured.
Additional Services

We are also able to provide additional business services that contributes to the success of a growing company and can easily be bolted onto the predominant sales & marketing service that we provide.  
We do pride ourselves on supplying a full selection of business development services to our clients that can complement any type of micro, small to medium-sized enterprise that needs to outsource these functions so they remain focused on their strengths, whilst we guide them to achieve the results that meet their business growth target.


Founder and Director

Kerry has over 25+ years working within sales, marketing, account management and event roles. She possesses excellent skills in leadership, communication, collaboration, business management, business development, finance and project management and through a consultative approach uses her excellent interpersonal & analytical skills to fully understand each business in order to plan and implement the appropriate strategies to achieve results.

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